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Version 1 (Authors - Judge)



Entry Criteria

Players must be registered with a participant ticket for epic.TEN to take part in this tournament. Registration will close at 8pm Thursday 14th February for teams. Players must be signed up for the tournament to participate; an event ticket alone does not guarantee tournament entry.

A briefing will take place at 10am on Saturday morning with all the Team Captains/Managers, which must be attended.

At least one member of the team must remain in the internal tournament IRC channel throughout the tournament times.

Tournament Format

TBC depending on number of entries


If two or more teams have the same amount of wins at the end of the group stage, and the affected teams are not all outside of the top four, they play Bo1 deciding matches against each other until the ranking is settled. If the tiebreaking matches result in another tie (in case of three teams), or if more than three teams are involved, the administration might announce an alternative tiebreaking format. 

Match Format

In the Bo3 playoffs, teams will play 1 game on Radiant and 1 on Dire, a Coin Toss will decide which side teams will play on the 3rd game.

First pick, when drafting, will always be set to random.

Voice Communication

Either in-game or externally provided voice communications are permitted, such as Skype, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak or Mumble. Note that epic.LAN may not be able to provide these dedicated voice comms resources for all of those listed due to licensing restrictions, clans should be prepared to make their own voice communications arrangements.


All competitors must be present at the tournament area and in the game lobby 15 minutes prior to their scheduled match.

In-game penalties will be used if teams are late for their matches without a valid reason.

Server Crash

In the case of a server crash, the game can be continued from the latest save. The person who hosted the lobby for the match will have the option (game setup option) to load from a save file when they host again. The save file is generated every minute in the background.

In the unlikely event that the reload does not work, the game will be completely remade with a new draft.


Passwords for each game will be given to both team’s captains 15 minutes before each match.

General Rules

It is not allowed to block his own creeps with the help of spells. It is only allowed to use hero model to intercept creeps.

Backdooring is allowed.

Any cheats, hacks or exploits are illegal and not allowed in play. 

No spectators will be allowed in the game lobby, apart from tournament Admins and Casters.

Cancellation of Tournament

epic gaming Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw this tournament should there be an insufficient number of participating teams.